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• Sunday, August 02nd, 2009

Next weekend the Chilli Fiesta will take place at the West Dean Gardens which are located in the Sussex South Downs. This will give you a chance to discover different varieties of chillies as well as finding tips on how to grow and use them.

Home Grown Chillies

Home Grown Chillies

In fact in their greenhouse you will find a collection of over 200 chillies! This event is a great opportunity for a day out for all the family.

I have had a lot of success this year with my chilli plants which I grew from seeds. Most of them have grown lots of chillies which are now red and ready to consume. It looks like I will have a continuous supply to spice up any meal.

So if you are a chilli lover and want to find out more about growing chillies, don’t miss the West Dean Gardens Chilli Fiesta which will take place on 8th and 9th August.

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• Friday, June 05th, 2009

I just came across a nice chilli growing kit on the web and thought that it would be a great gift idea for Father’s day.

Home Grown Chilli

Home Grown Chilli

Many gardeners will be delighted with a practical gift whatever the occasion. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either: plants, accessories or seeds can make great gift ideas.
Father’s Day is only 2 weeks away on 21st June in the UK so it’s worth a look.

This chilli growing kit in a gift box contains everything that is needed to grow chillies including pots and a selection of chilli seeds. And one advantage of this kit is that it is presented in a box, making it handy to give as a present.

Sometimes dads don’t need anything in particular, just a little love and attention.

• Friday, May 01st, 2009

If you haven’t sown any chilli plants yet, there’s still time to do so for FREE! This evening I was watching the One Show on BBC1 and you can actually get some free chili pepper seeds from the One Show website.

This free chilli offer is part of the Dig-in campaign which the BBC are currently promoting.

I cannot stress enough about how easy and rewarding it is to grow chillies – that is if you like it spicy!