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• Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

This morning I have started to pot my chili plants which are now enjoying the winter sunshine on the windowsill. Chillies are fairly easy-to-grow and right now all they need is warmth, a lot of sun and a bit of water.

This month I have also started to sow flower seeds, in particular this selection of flowers which are suited to drier conditions or rockeries:

    Growing Chillies

    Growing Chillies

  • Erigerons (Profusion): I first noticed these dainty little flowers growing on the banks of a stream in Lower Slaughter in the Cotswolds.
  • Chamomile (lawn) which is supposed to be delightfully fragrant and may be suitable to both my English and French gardens. Hopefully I may also be able to use it as herbal tea!
  • Livingstone Daisy (Micropterum schlecteri) : also known as mesembryanthemum is a succulent annual which looks like a daisy.

Now, I have never grown these flower seeds before but I have noticed that the seeds are really tiny, which in my opinion makes them more challenging to grow. And judging by the instructions on the packets, the seeds will take longer to germinate.

Top TipMy top tip: if the flower seeds are tiny, i.e. the size of a crystal of salt or smaller, I strongly recommend using special compost for sowings.
You can work out how small the seeds are by shaking the packet and comparing it with other seeds that you know.

Was it tip-top for you? Please leave a comment – thank you!