My French garden is a Mediterranean garden located only 10 miles away from the Mediterranean Sea and 780 miles from my English garden.
Starting From Scratch in the French Garden

Starting From Scratch in the French Garden

It is much smaller than my Fenland garden, which is just as well since I cannot look after it regularly. For this reason and the fact that it suffers draught in the summer I will attempt to create a low or zero maintenance garden.

At the height of summer you can go through weeks of temperatures above 40 degree Celsius, ie. 104 degree Fahrenheit., when most plants will die if not watered. In fact the previous owners found that maintaining a lawn even with an underground irrigation system was unsuccessful in the long run.

Right now it is pretty much a messy garden with lots of weeds so my first task is to start clearing the main area where the lawn used to be. What I will grow there will be very different from what I can cultivate in England.

Since my plan is to develop a zero maintenance garden in Southern France you shall see less regular posts on my activities down there but it should still be an interesting comparison.

I hope you that enjoy the trip!