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• Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Looking back at the successes of the year 2008 the Globe artichoke is definitely a winner and has been for me for several years now.  I grow mine from seeds, which takes longer since the artichoke seedling really needs to develop to a 3 foot tall plant before producing any flower. Some of my plants took 2 years before growing a long stem which terminates in a few flowering buds. The artichoke flower buds tend to get bigger after a couple of years as the plant settles and grows each year.

Bees on an artichoke head

Bees on an artichoke head

I recommend protecting young plants from the winter cold by mulching the base of the artichoke with straw for example.

I usually harvest my artichokes in June/July.  If you leave it too late to harvest your artichoke, it will develop into a lovely flower which is very popular with bees.

This underrated vegetable is full of fibre, packed with goodness and is known for its diuretic and antioxidant properties. And it always feels good to grow your own vegetable. Personally I have grown my artichokes from the T&M globe artichoke seeds and was satisfied with them.

Top TipMy top tip: I recommend cooking artichokes in a pressure cooker since it takes half the time (only 20 minutes) of the traditional boiling method.  Then you simply dip the heart of the vegetable into a mixture of olive oil and a touch of balsamic vinegar.   Bon appetit!

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