Welcome to My Garden Diary!

The aim of my garden diary is to share my passion for gardening with fellow gardening amateurs and to encourage aspiring gardeners to give it a go.

Robin in the snow

Robin in the snow

I started gardening 5 years ago and have become a completely self taught gardener – and still learning a lot too!

I have learnt most of my gardening skills through advice from friends and magazines; also by watching the Gardeners’ World TV programme on the BBC, but mostly by experiencing greatly!

Through the regular posts in this diary I hope to demonstrate how growing your own vegetables or flowers can be such a truly satisfying experience.

In particular gardening has changed the way I live through the seasons, as I have come to appreciate the growing cycle of plants & vegetables and the eco-system which evolves throughout the year.

I try to be an organic gardener which sometimes means sacrificing plants that are struggling; luckily I don’t grow for quantity but quality and organic vegetables do taste so much better.

I truly hope that this garden blog inspires many of you to start growing whatever you dream to. I guess you could call me a weekend gardener since I have a full time job in an office but you can still achieve a lot with a bit of patience and dedication.

Please do leave your comments & ideas as I would love to hear how you get on too!

I would like to say a special thank you to my 74 year old friend Cliff for his gardening tips, and Paul from Felixstowe for inspiring me to get this website started.
If you would like to send me any suggestions please email me at

PS: I have recently been asked what’s unique about my blog:
I think that the idea of a blog combining activities from 2 gardens which are so different should be interesting.  Particularly since I will try to cross-pollinate ideas and test various plants in both gardens.

If we are to believe climate change experts, the UK’s climate could well become a lot drier whilst in Southern France we are currently experiencing more regular floods.   Surely any experience about plants that thrive in their natural Mediterranean environment could become useful as our UK summers become drier and hosepipe bans are on the increase.  This comparative exercise although on a small scale will hopefully be of interest to any keen gardener.