• Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Today we discovered a splendid water garden located in Norfolk near Oxborough where it seems a school fete was on.

Gooderstone Water Garden

The Gooderstone Water Gardens include four ponds as well as river walks along the river Gadder in an area which used to be marshland. On this sunny day we enjoyed strolling around this English garden where campanulas (trachelium and portenschlagiana), geraniums of various colours and lysimachia puntata were at their best.

We also admired the sways of astrantias, lambsears, astilbes, with white achilleas in the background.
This is a peaceful and refreshing garden where huge weeping willows, birch trees are mirrored in the clear ponds.

The nature trail was also worth a visit with native black poplars and a bird hide overlooking a pond at the end. Unfortunately we did not spot any kingfisher on this occasion. On the way home we also purchased good value for money plants from a plant stall in the village.

Campanulas on a stump

This part of the country is worth a visit and especially I recommend a visit to Gooderstone Water Gardens.

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    Teddy Bowman 

    Hello The Gardener,
    Just found your site, I’m a gardener at Holme Hale Hall. We are a member of NGS. I would love to meet you maybe at the Hall for a chat. Teddy.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments in My Garden Diary of 30th June 2012!
    I am sorry I have only now responded. It was my father who created Gooderstone Water Gardens in 1970 and I am now responsible for their upkeep. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit and hope you have come again or will do in the coming season.
    Kindest regards, Coral Hoyos.

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