• Friday, February 06th, 2009

I am so eager to get started and leap into Spring that I tend to start my sowing too early and every year I make the same mistake. So my resolution each year is to not start tomato seeds in particular too early because the plants get leggy and take longer to get started in the ground.

Chilli de Cayenne seeds

Chilli de Cayenne seeds

Garden centres and shops are partially responsible as they start displaying plants and seeds too early.  Potato seeds have been available since early January and in my personal opinion that is too early even if you are planning to chit early varieties.  In fact looking at the cold weather that we have just experienced, I wonder if Spring is going to come as early as it did last year.  So as far as spuds are concerned I have waited until last week – early February – to buy and start chitting my early variety potato seeds.  I plan to purchase my main crop variety a bit later.
This is what I am currently sowing indoors:
– Chillies – are so easy to grow even for beginners and are an essential ingredient of curries and other exotic dishes.
– Geraniums – I have chosen a new variety called Moulin Rouge F1 hybrid by T&M which comes in vibrant red.  Geraniums are worthwhile growing from seed since they can be expensive if you buy them as fully grown plants from garden centers.
– Portulaca – I have never grown these before but I chose them because they like a sunny spot and seem to stand the drought more than most plants I know.  I have just noticed that the seeds are really tiny so I guess it’s going to be a challenge to grow these.

I may also grow a few cauliflower seeds if I have enough space in the sowing tray.
It feels so good to grow-your-own.  Hopefully you will join me too in the sowing frenzy!

Top TipMy top tip: I recommend sowing the right amount of plants that you need plus a few more just in case germination does not work so well (for whatever reason that it may be).  In the case of chilli plants, they have been so popular over the last 2 years that I would recommend growing a few more just for your friends and because the chilli plants also look good!

Was it tip-top for you? Please leave a comment – thank you!

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