• Sunday, June 14th, 2009

There are a number of flowers which I grow in my garden and which I particularly like for their fragrance. A typical cottage garden is likely to include many of these plants and although it is difficult to express in writing the quality of their perfume, I have included below some pictures in order to illustrate the quality of the blossoms.

Cordyline Blossom

Cordyline Blossom

This year we had a new unexpected blossom from a Cordyline plant which as you can see below attracts all the bees and looks like a spray of small flowers. Cordylines give an exotic look to the border since they look similar to palm trees with the advantage of being relatively hardy in the UK.

The fragrance of the Cordyline blossom reminds me of a really gooey sweet nectar similar to Honeysuckle in my opinion.



My white Lilac is starting to fade but this is another shrub which I enjoy for its delicate early summer perfume. I also recommend the Mock orange bush which is currently in full bloom. Not only does it produce a delicate scent through its small white flowers but it’s also very easy to grow.

I have also recently enjoyed the late blossom of sweet peas which did not do so well for me this year probably because May was a really dry month. I shall remember to take more care of my sweet peas next year.

Blair No 2 Rose

Blair No 2 Rose

Sweet Williams are currently in full bloom and release a peculiar scent which is not as strong as the Carnation’s fragrance but they make a nice addition to a summer bouquet.

Finally, if you are looking for a fragrant climbing rose I recommend the following: climbing rose Blair no. 2, as seen on this picture taken this morning , with its delightful dual shade of pink blossoms and exceptionally strong English rose fragrance.

On this sunny day and with so many fragrances drifting in the garden all I want to do is go back for a little wander which is what I will do now.

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    Your English rose look very nice! I am also the proud caretaker of David Austin English roses, “The Prince and Abraham Darby. The smell of English roses are wonderful and they grow very well in Washington State, USA. This year though, something is making the leaves look like lace. I am not sure what to do about this and am afraid they will stop blooming…do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks! Kate

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    The Gardener 

    I have not grown The Prince but I have heard of the Abraham Darby rose variety and I guess that both roses are beautiful indeed. I have not experienced the problem that you mention with leaves looking like lace. I think that you will need to identify the culprit in action (probably some sort of bug).
    My roses are starting to look a bit bare now that the first blossom has come to an end. Luckily they are a repeat flowering variety so I shall give them a good feed and look forward to the next blooms.
    Thank you for your comment! Sandy

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