• Friday, May 01st, 2009

If you haven’t sown any chilli plants yet, there’s still time to do so for FREE! This evening I was watching the One Show on BBC1 and you can actually get some free chili pepper seeds from the One Show website.

This free chilli offer is part of the Dig-in campaign which the BBC are currently promoting.

I cannot stress enough about how easy and rewarding it is to grow chillies – that is if you like it spicy!

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    I’m with you on how rewarding it can be when you grow your own chilies.

    This year I’m growing about 20 different varieties and so far they’re all doing well. I have over 80 plants. It seemed like a good idea planting so many, but I didn’t think for one minute that the germination rate would be so good.

    I post regular updates on my chilies and other things I’m growing over on my blog. I’d certainly appreciate a few good pointers because I’m a newbie to growing my own.

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    The Gardener 

    It sounds like you’re growing a lot of chilies indeed! Are you growing the Scotch bonnet variety, which is supposed to be so hot?
    I personally find that chillies love the heat so they grow best in my greenhouse. But I suppose that it depends on which country you live in.
    Let us know how you get on with all these different varieties.

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    Yes I’m growing two varieties of scotch bonnet. I’m growing naga anf jolokia peppers — the hottest in the world. I have all the chilies in the house, because like you say they like it warm. I’ll be happy to lt you know how I get on with them all.

  4. Growing chillies is great fun and always a good talking point.

    Best advice i can offer you all at this time of year is to give your chillie plants as much light as possible. Get them in the greenhouse or in a conservatory if you have one. Failing that a sunny windowsill is a must.

    If you want to know more there is loads of chilli growing articles on my site (click on my name above). Or if you have specific questions then we have just started a new Chilli Forum:

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    My chili plants are coming along a treat. All the plants now have flowers and fruits on them, some have been a little slow at fruiting, but those ones are getting there now. My orange habanero now has fruits on it, although a little small at this time.

    One big problem I have had this year is with aphids and greenfly. Having as many plants as I do it’s been quite a task to keep on top of them.

    Anyway, as promised, that is how I’m getting along so far.

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