• Sunday, April 26th, 2009

The garden has evolved so quickly recently with the warm weather which we have enjoyed that it has proved difficult to keep track of all my gardening activities. However this is my update of what’s growing in the garden right now including the flower borders, vegetable and fruit areas.



My tulips are all out including the bulbs which I planted back in autumn in containers along with pansies grown from seeds. In turn, I have also spotted a few butterflies including the lovely red peacock butterfly.

The rose bushes are growing new leaves following the spring pruning which I carried out earlier in the year (I must remember to give them a good feed!).

Moving on to the vegetables, the broad beans are growing slowly and have a few flowers but I wonder if it is too early? The salads in the cold frame have grown well and overcrowded the area which definitely needs thinning (as you can see on the picture below)!

Overcrowded Cold Frame

Overcrowded Cold Frame

As I walk further along the garden I notice that the first early potatoes (a variety called Rocket) have started to shoot – And I haven’t finished planting my maincrop Desiree variety potatoes!

The cherry tree is in full bloom as seen on the header of this website and the apple tree is just about to blossom. And while I am looking at the fruit trees, I notice that the redcurrant and black currant bushes are currently adorning many clusters of flowers. Like last year, I will have to compete with the birds to get a handful of fruits!

The lawn is looking good as I gave it a bit of a cut and lawn care over the week end.

Finally, the weeds have taken over the flower borders, so there is a lot of weeding to be done. Any volunteers out there?

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  1. loved the blog and the whole site! What a treat to have two gardens. Reading your blog made me realise what a lot I still have to do to get my Cheshire garden in shape. Everything is moving so fast at the moment it is a bit of a whirl.

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