• Friday, July 10th, 2009

Always on the look out for great new gift ideas I discovered an original garden gift which may be suitable to a gardening friend: a Garden Design Course.

I guess it’s quite natural that in my circle of friends many of them are keen gardeners. And most of them are rather well equipped with tools and plants, so when it comes to birthdays, choosing gifts is not an always an easy task.

Garden Designs

Garden Designs

The garden design gift experience seems to be an original present as well as an ideal activity for the summer time. Aimed at people who enjoy learning new skills and getting involved with activities, this course enables you to learn in sitiu how a famous stately garden is designed and to get useful tips for your own garden design too.

The activity includes a light lunch, and interaction with the professional gardener and other fellow enthusiasts is highly encouraged and should be fun.

This garden design workshop comes as a gift presented in a nice silver presentation envelope which can be personalized with a message and sent directly to the recipient.

Since this course comes as a gift experience I think it makes an original present. I have been on driving and food tasting experiences in the past and I know that gift experiences are something that you will remember fondly as a good time in your life.

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