• Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

So far this year has been quite good for gardening. I have been harvesting regularly some of the lettuce which I sowed in my cold frame back in February. It has been growing really well (the wild rabbits haven’t spotted my crop yet) and I am starting to have a bit of a lettuce glut actually.

Home Grown Cabbage

Home Grown Cabbage

Cabbage at last is a success and this is a first for me since previously my cabbages had been badly attacked by the white fly which lays its eggs on the leaves and then the caterpillars devastated all my vegetables.

The only thing is: I am not so keen on that type of winter cabbage (Durham Early). Funnily enough no other pest has had a go at them either! Although I noticed that this variety of cabbage is available from major supermarkets (at a cost of £0.85 each and the seed packet cost me £1.70 for hundreds of seeds).

My second radish crop is growing well and thankfully we recently got some rain. Radishes are thirsty vegetables which develop a hot taste when they are not watered enough.

Unfortunately it looks like this year again I won’t be having many cherries. Last year it was the frost which happened at the same time as the cherry blossoms and which resulted in many flowers dropping on the floor.

This year I noticed that many of the tiny green cherries seemed to have been pulled off their stalk. And it turns out that the pigeons have been eating them green! I have always been aware of cherries being eaten by black birds when near-ripe and managed to put a net on the tree at the right time.

But this is so early! So next year I will have to act earlier.

It feels so good to be able to collect my first vegetables which have been home-grown and cared for organically.

And if you know a good recipe for cabbage please let me know!

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